Updating Machine Catalog does not update App Servers XenDesktop 7.1

Here is the problem I was having with XenDesktop 7.1 on updating Application servers.

Steps I take:
1. Turn on App Master image and do the needed app install / updates
2. Turn off the App Master image and take a new snapshot in vcenter client
3. Open Citrix Studio and right click on the Machine Catalog I am going to update and click Update Machines
4. Go through the wizard and set it to reboot with out waiting
5. The Green bar does its thing for 5-10mins and vcenter shows changes.
6. Try to publish the new app that I just installed and it does not show. Even though the Machine Catalog shows it is on the latest SnapShot

The Fix
1. Right click on the Machine Catalog you were updating and view machines
2. Highlight all the Machines and select restart
3. Watch vcenter client and you will see that is shows that the vm setting are being updated.

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