Unknown VMware Protection Policy

How to fix it:

Follow below steps from NetWorker server :
** “Also keep a bootstrap backup. So you should have an online and offline backup in case you need to restore. “. (Take a bootstrap backup.)
1. Make a copy of nsrdb: Open the <networker install directory>/res directory and copy the nsrdb to a safe location .
2. Stop all services
3. Connect to nsrdb using nsradmin using below command: Just Remove Quotes

nsradmin –d <path to nsrdb>

. type: NSR data protection policy


Tip: You will see multiple policies printed. Select specific policy using below syntax:

. type: nsr data protection policy ; name: BadPolicy

Then delete the name of policy you want to remove using ‘delete’
Tip: When prompted hit ‘yes’
4. Start all services back

Found this on https://community.emc.com/thread/208326