some library features are unavailable due to unsupported library locations

Group Policy for Windows Search, Browse, and Organize.

Disable the message “some library features are unavailable due to unsupported library locations”

Turn off Windows Libraries features that rely on indexed file data
Location: User Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Windows Explorer
This policy lets you turn off rich library functionality that depends on the availability of indexed file properties and contents. This Group Policy is intended to reduce user confusion and avoid frequent grep searches.
This policy disables:
Searching libraries in the Start menu
Applying Arrange By views other than “By Folder” and “Clear Changes”
Using Library Search Filter suggestions other than “Date Modified” and “Size”
Using the “Unsupported” tag in the Library Management dialog
Applying rich functionality to user-created Libraries
Viewing file content snippets in the “Content” view mode
Notifying users that unsupported locations are included in libraries
Default Configuration: Disabled. All Windows libraries features are enabled.

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