Been a bit … she is home now.

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My dad decided to give me the Cab! He started thinking about having a retirement car and ended up finding a 2013 Mini Cooper S Coupe  on the left.

Photo: Jack, JD, John

Driving Home

On the way home, the battery cables came off (didn’t tighten it from replacing) and the car stalled but I found a leak in a fuel line! I tried to patch it but it didn’t work but it was too much pressure. I was only about a mile away from home too.  While waiting for my wife and my neighbor Ronnie, a SUV comes up behind me and I wave them past. They pull up and say “That’s a cool car! You’re not broken down are you?” I told them “I was but my neighbor and wife were coming back for me.”   Ronnie ended up putting a tow strap to my front bumper and got me home. Thank you Ronnie!

Fuel Leak

Working with Brian from Twin City VWs to send me a replacement part. Who also got me the digital panel a the bottom of this post.  Seems like a simple fix, the line leads to the front of the engine block.


Cabby Info has the diagram for it.

I also found the my rear driver side is drum break is leaking. Should be an easy fix with coming from the Wheel Cylinder.

Update: Bought the wheel cylinder at Autozone for $8.95! Need to replace it now.

Other parts I ordered were a replacement for the middle LCD, the other was cracked and may have had water issues. Also from Twin City VW

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