Replacing the belts

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The P/S to W/P belt seems to be squealing when you turn the wheel.  I figured that I would just get all 3 new belts. (Timing has been changed)


They all seemed a bit old. The alternator seems like the easiest to start with BUT you have to take off the A/C – W/P to get it off. So I will start from the ground up.

Time to get it up in the air.


I will post on how it all goes a bit later.


Found this on how to adjust the water pump, which is the key to getting 2 of the belts off.

Youtube Video: (he goes super fast so you might want to pause and read the text boxes.)

Update: Replaced the belts but for some reason the PS to WP belt was the wrong size. But after I changed the others the squeaking went away.  Might have just been loose.




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